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In the collective mind, we stop a moment in awareness listening to the silence of uncertainty, knowing we live for the now, this very moment,  each breath released is all we have.

Lasting a lifetime collecting thoughts of what have never been our
thoughts but an assumption of our supper human consciousness.

Assembled well, the core of existence follows the song that insistently echo's through the fabric of the Universe.

Darkness falls among desperation, confused where the light is
through the absent-minded people with no consciousness or beliefs
of our ancestors that loved life dressed in all, it's glory.

Nothing but hearts that grew strong in those days when storms came, leaving doubt but holding unto hope, having enough
faith that all shall be conquered gracefully in love and equality.

Where ever our minds have floated too, they have come from ourselves first, leaving as fast as the misunderstood thoughts of the uninsured idealistic race of clones of 5G.

Astounded, we blame another for what took place in seconds when we lost awareness to cope with self-truth uniting as one with each
other as we are all one divided, turned face, dividing into a void
of weary confused people who made a choice not rewarding compliments only facets of misunderstanding choose the
direction of defeat and darkness.

Fly by the airs of sophistication  watching and caressing a misplaced era of corruption, taking pleasure in what makes one
bleed deeply now, expanding around a new way of eternal thinking of unbelievers wanting attention through devotional weakness of fear that they themselves created.

No hesitation controls motivation, only deception rules the mind
of lost freedom of spirituality.

Desperation scrolls the pages of life's new desires upon arrival
of re-birth without knowledge, understanding, and wisdom deep
enough to know the results of constructed idea's the old era
had once upon a time in that world of freedom, love, compassion
for others as we still are Divine Spiritual entities lost and alone
trying to find our way back to God.

Paradise returns when we think of paradise.
Love returns when we think of love.
Trust returns when we think of trust.
Unity returns when we think to unite.
Light appears when we find our purpose.

We are all Divine Beings, regardless, believe it or not, this is why
we need to go within and find our force, our reason for struggling
our satisfaction of happiness and devotion to ourselves for
remaining strong in our beliefs.

We must live and release flying free in the heavens of
our higher-self of Love Divine.

Copyright ⓒ DerenaBree( All Rights Reserved).



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