Good Times

Allahu Akbar,

Truly Allah subhanahu wa t'ala
is great,

The knower of all that was,

Substainer of all that is,

Nourisher of all that will ever be,

Creator of all life,

Owner of all,

Apppreciative am I for my gifted wife,,

Master of all worlds,

Determinator of fate,

Thank you for my mate,

After four decades...

Minutes, hours, days

Weathering storms, droughts
joyous sunshine and tears

Together in our hearts,

Having made it through the years,

Even when apart,

Memories of the good times flood our hearts,

Man and his mate

Are greatful to supplicate

In unison humbly proclaim

Only you Allah is great

Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde

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Good Times