My Words Spoken

Thank You Lord

Before I took the lord's hands upon my chest
he formulated the occurrences that would
make me accept him in my life.

When he struck me with the virtues of life's test.
I was lost in midst of darkness and became entangled
in the endeavors of life's mess.

I was stuck in the world's virtue.
I acted in ways that pleased my desires in the flesh.
While I consistently failed God's test,
after test, after test.

God would send signs to me spiritually and through the tongue of others
but my lurking in the darkness made me blind to the fact of.

I thought I could fight life's battles on my own
until I was knocked off my pedestal
and dropped to my knees and turn to God.

My God turned my darkness to light,
washed me in the blood on Calvary
and now within myself
I see my spiritual talents and virtues.

Thank you Jesus

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Thank You Lord

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