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Every One of Us Has a Door....

there is a pause
in the night
a crack to fall into
a closet door closed
in which there is no key
I am the only one to open it
it is up to me
I get lost here
but somehow I'm found

I can make the dreams
come around
and mix in whatever ingredients
I decree
its a rift
a valley
into the skin canyons of my past
making up me
and I populate it
with those I miss
and would like to see

here the snow falls gently
but its not cold
here the rain falls
and its never sad
here the leaves change color into the hues
I wish to behold
any fruit is always
in season
and plentiful
ripe and ready
for my extended hand

its my secret land
with many gardens
and many gently flowing streams
its a space where all can be possible
and it can change as often as I breathe
and no one feels pain

here the peace soothes and there's
music of every sort
filling in the air with joyous sound

I know all their words
because the songs were written
with friends
all the animals I've had
and known return to me again
and dance with me

clouds are for sleeping on
the earth stays warm all day
hunger and disease have been sent away

I visit this land
I know I can always return

every one of us has a door
which we can open and
to which we nightly yearn.

legal copyright for this poem 11/18/2020 12:45pm PST time and date stamped
and also for this poet Melissa A. Howells and also for this legally
copyrighted and registered site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

written straight to the page...editing later....thank you

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