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I don't know how to be....
I don't know if you want that soft version of me..
I don't know nothing it feels...it seems
Upon entrance to your home was roses filled my view
But they weren't given by my hand to you
I'm jealous
When I'm not there who is...
Will there be another to fill where I stay
Is she or he going to take my place
More questions than answers
But the kicker is we don't ask the questions nor provide answers
I don't even know if you love me
I care bout the reason you buy gifts....that's why they're special to me
I don't care about their materialistic value
I'm afraid to trust you...
I'm afraid to give you those pieces of me back....
I don't know what you want from me honestly.
It would be nice to drop some walls and actually converse
It would be nice to know....

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