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Looking Back Sadly

Most of my life I've lived
JIn a Tory governed nation
Just a unit of production
Of worker exploitation.
When they see a Government
Of some conscience and soul
They scream leftie wrecker for
The few years we're in control,

As we begin the uphill struggles,
Those  constant hard fought fights,
To readjust the balance and restore
Those once hard won workers' rights.
To be no longer just economic units
Exploited by the privileged few
But to be members of a society
Working for folk like me and you.

Radically restoring conditions
Always aware of that time when
The turkeys will vote for Christmas
And the few'll return to power again.
They are the bankers, arms dealers,
Those unworked for inherited wealthy
Not caring a fig about the masses so
Long  as their bank balances are healthy.

Most of my life they've been in charge
With evermore restrictive labour law
Preparing for that day when the workers
Return  to political power once  more.
We should all be on the street
Marching,  but sadly we wont
And, when given the chance to
Vote them out sadly we  just don't .

We are the island of Great Britain
For years grown rich by exploitation,
Pillage, robbery and extortion of many
An invaded and occupied nation.
Now a fading offshore island
Ruled by a small  privileged class
Self seeking, selfish and greedy
Graphing callous  and crass

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