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Before Face To Face Was Banned

In eons far beyond,
the story will be told,
of a world before
a time so dark and cold
Disease had run amuck,
and bled us world wide dry,
to leave such loss and despair
where many people die
There was a time, my friend,
when people would gather ‘round
to watch some entertainment
letting joyful noise resound
It was a time of camaraderie
People face to face,
to touch to hold to kiss,
together in one place
Bare were faces from shield or mask
Ungloved were every hand,
before electronic screen unite,
before face to face was banned
I hear tell it was quite enjoyable
to gather one and all
making  merry in person
and gather in a hall;
But now the times have changed
and we fear for our life
Remote we work and school,
no need for added strife
Masked and gloved are we
when we venture out
Always Hidden and shielded
and safe we are no doubt
Yet I stop and wonder
of such a time of old,
when people face to face
were so awfully bold
to venture out and gather
without  any protection,
to never worry of
disease or infection
It seems once we vaccinate
a new germ takes its place;
and again we're in fear
for our whole human race
I long to time travel
to that long ago day
when people as a unit
would together work and play


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Before Face To Face Was Banned

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