Don't you know
with him I would love to go
toe to toe blow for blow.
Stretch'n the man baby flat
out on his big burly girly
pale booty back.†

Making many happier
than a junkie on crack.
Wack, Mister moronic
whiningly psychotic
and messed up from his days
of snorting powdered cocaine
and inhaling the chronic.†

Hypocritical, contemptable,
commitable, clearly indictable,
level of corruption undeniable,
his smelly ass must not be wipable

Mentally maniacal,
intellectually lacking,
property jacking,
wise cracking racist,
racist backing slob
inciting his mob.

As per my prerogative
to kick as an adjective or verb
lower than the curb
the word is
he is OUT
of the Big White Power House
with son and his immigrant spouce

Pence and his louce
of a wife
should be given the knife,
necks wrung
throats should be split
for propagating
and parroting

Instead of hanging their portraits
on the Big White Power House walls
let's throw them a party yall

Hang them by their wrinklely
old pasty orange necks,
Hang um high
Hang um high
Hang um† high

Hang um like Humpty Trumpty
falling from his big beautiful wall
hang um up high
hang um up high
hang in up high
until they all die

Abu Lateef Babatunde

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