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I want to say I've changed but that's not accurate.
I've shedded a major skin.
I thought it needed healing but I had to grow out of it.
To want someone and in return be wanted is a beautiful thing
But there's more that's required
Loyalty, respect, and honesty.
It saturates the energy shared.
It's like the foundation to the home.
Our home.
It's like our lights came back on.
One step at a time....as long as we are building it together.
I just want to hear you say I'm yours again.
I know....but this isn't the first time.
It's the last time...
You are my everything and I need you to know that.
I don't have to leave you to make a life because I'm taking you with me.
What's changed? I learned how to act.
Now please come here....

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