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Our Sovereign Nation

In our Democratic Great Britain,
Students please take note,
Only two thirds of the electors
Even bothered to go and vote,
The Government was elected
By less than one in three,
That's what they call Democracy
In Brave New World  GB.

Less than one in ten of the people
Own the  majority of the wealth,
The openly cheat and steal
Don't even bother to use stealth.
A nonagenarian millionairess
In theory rules the state
But In practice it's the wealthy
And his Press Baron mate,

They employ the peasantry
Expect gratitude and thanks,
Pay starvation wages  so that
Many have to rely on food banks.
They praised the National Health
Clapped and uttered banal platitude
Then imposed on them a wage freeze
Just to show sincere gratitude.

We left  the EU, in theory,
To make us a Sovereign Nation,
Nothing  to do with the proposed
EU Tax Avoidance Legislation.
God Save The Queen, Rule Britannia
We'll never ever again Rule The Waves
For Britain is fast becoming
A Nation of Modern Slaves.

They call themselves Patriots
Demand our unstinted trust
And they try buy our loyalty with
Promises as strong as pie crust.
Those few people in power
Smugly and openly smile
Can't believe how easy it was to make
Democracy,  modern Great British style

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