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Lament For The Seven Nations

Once this great land was ours,
Our wild untamed home
This whole great landmass
Was ours to freely roam.
We followed the Buffalo
Across the wide dusty heat
Treated them with respect
Killed only enough to eat.
We of the Seven Indian Nations
Treated the land with care
That's  why The  Great Spirit
Purposely  placed  us there.

Then the White Man came,
Spurned friendship's hand,
Slashed and raped and burned
Our sacred given land.
Killed the Buffalo for sport,
Wreaked constant change,
Put up barbed wire fences
For sheep and cattle to range,
Signed Everlasting Treaties
Which didn't last very long,
Stole our land, exiled us
Hastened our death song.

There was wild beauty, enough  
to meet everybody's need
But they took it all away
Out of avarice and greed.
When we fought for rights given
Under Treaties signed by each side
They  sent in the Long Knives
And attempted Genocide.
Now they bestride the world
Believe that might is right
Ever ready to invade
Ever ready to fight

They thought they were generous
Granting  us the Reservation
Forcing our surviving remnants
Into poverty  and degradation.
The mighty Native American Tribes
Just remnants of what used to be,
We are second class citizens in
Land of the brave,  home of the free.
This is no longer our land
We can no longer freely roam
They have destroyed our identity
Stolen our sacred home.

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