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All the parks stand stark and bare
For the children just can`t be there,
They are locked for their own sake
Due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A lock upon the gate can be seen
For the virus may lurk there unseen,
No squeals of laughter to fill the air
There is nothing but silence there.

The children remain safely at home
They are no longer allowed to roam,
Lock down is in place it is a must
And we must all learn to adjust.

Too many deaths have taken place
Maybe lock down is our saving grace,
It`s not just our country it`s everywhere
Masks and gloves are what people wear.

It`s a silent killer it can`t be seen
We wash our hands to keep them clean,
No shaking hands no contact at all
And no visitors can come to call.

Life is on hold for the moment at least
Until this virus is finally deceased,
How long it will take no one knows
But people`s anxiety daily grows.

copyrightę2020 Elsie

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