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Let’s have a new little war,
The presiding Leader said,
Take our folk’s minds off
Their daily queues for bread,
Wave the National Flag
Make them give thanks
To be our loyal citizens,
Take their minds off food banks.

There’s one or two regimes
I think are just a bit suspect.
They don’t treat this Great Nation
With enough gratitude and respect.
Teach the world a lesson
They will surely pay the price
If the don’t toe to the line and
Take our aid and advice.

The allies will come on board,
They just can’t wait for the chance
When we pull their strings
To join in with the latest dance.
And lo it came to pass
Another country in despair
Invaded by land and
Carpet bombed from the air.

And when the people were diverted
The Leader then changed his mind,
Withdrawing all his forces, leaving
Chaos and mass despair behind.
For the body bags were mounting
As the liberators paid the cost
Of the spirited resistance
In scores wounded, and lives lost.

And, what’s a few refugee,
A few more victims of our wars
When considered to the benefit
To our re- election cause.
The purveyors of munitions
All did so very well
As their share values rose and
They saw their coffers swell.

The people soon forgot
Their once prevalent dismay
And all went to plan
On re-election day.
And thus it came to pass
Many thousands suffered hard
Because of the ambitions of
The Big Bully of the school yard.

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