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 Beyond Terra


Tis a tingle at the tips of thy lips
where I shall plant a kiss,_
then slightly lick the curves and slopes
of their mounds to partake _

of the taste of treachery
that lingers with thee still
Allow me to brush mine ears
across the thoughts
of thine mind to perceive the envy
‘twas present all this time.

Embrace me as I embrace thee
endearingly in mine arms
Hold me tightly mine longtime friend
Let me inhale the girth of thee
and to behold the winds afoul!

Harsh, sulfuric humiliating hints
of hatred and disdain
Those that envelopes thy very being,
encompasses thy frame_
blow the breeze of ill repute.

An odor I once would argue upon
and tirelessly dispute

How be it, that thee cometh
unto me as mine friend
Whereby thee_
drinketh mine wine
lavish mine liquors
and upon mine food ye dine.

Yet ye stir the depths of mine soul undivine
to devour the very heart_
of me for thy personal selfishness and greed

O woe to Ye, that taketh unto_
thyself all that I possess
the lowly and the best
thus remains my mortal coil
in spiritual unrest.

Hark now!
This unwarranted union has run amok
bearing no merit and no meed!

Doth not I matter in the course of life
among the living
Hath mine breath blown in vain
such as the likes of one
never to be known again

What say ye of mine works and toil
I have bore unto thee in willful pain
and toward the true liberty
of hope and faith
of a lifelong friend to gain.

In truth_ the thought of us today
in this profane present time
bears the horror of its’ heinous humor

For I laugh not into the path of peril
nor do I stand before thee as one proud

In my somber state of dismay
I am bewildered and grieved to no relief

Mine eyes shine gray as grief
to know that mine friends are close
but mine enemies are closer

Now to be an unwilful acknowledgment
or better still an undeniable belief


Copyright © Niyna DeSangre

***01192021 Niyna***

[The first tales of fairies date back to Greek mythology,
where fairies protected the Earth with vigor and might
In the 1400s, England came up with a new idea of “little people” who were either nice or evil.
This invoked fear in the British, and the average citizen avoided every place that fairies lived]
elf, plural Elves, in Germanic folklore, originally, a spirit of any kind,
later specialized into a diminutive creature, usually in tiny human form.
English folk tales of the early modern period typically portray elves as small,
elusive people with mischievous personalities.
They are not evil but might annoy humans or interfere in their affairs

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