Beyond Terra

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On this day, a wee time ago after rough sails you floated ashore. From life-giving waters a brand-new soul for my eyes alone like unto one never-before. Bless my heart! Just look at that face round and chubby beautifully graced in lace. Two sparkling eyes so full of surprise. Ten fluffy fingers, ten teeny toes. One binky-bitty button nose.

There is no other joy for me not in this whole world than my precious perfectly newborn baby girl! My very own someone to love and to care for, to forever sail the seas within the life we share.

Welcome aboard my lifelong friend! As I look upon her now as I remember her then I still love every fuzzy hair on her chinny-chin-chin. Hawk-eyes cower o’er her year-to-year be-stills my heart upon ‘er smiles ear-to-ear. So much joy the day steady steps started walking quickly turned exhausting ‘er munchkin mouth never stopped talking.

Wishful wondering perky eyes at learning to crawl sheer grit of the will-to-stand endures the pains of each fall. Loads of body aches whenever she is hurt or sad. Flash the shock of ‘er face the first time she got mean mad.

It seemed it took forever but you grew up fast. Tears come to my eyes regretful of the time now passed. Yet now you are all grown up and out on your own in the world. Just always remember you will forever be my precious, perfectly newborn baby girl!

Copyright © Niyna DeSangre

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