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"Tera" The Game of Life

Tera” The Game of Life

We all play major roles in this set-up called the game of life. Us trying to get rid of certain gamers is only causing us strife.

We should be thinking about the purpose of each and all. Start referring to those others as “We” instead of “Y'all”.

This Game is not our strategy, so why sacrifice our dignity? Giving thought to these facts, I will take the liberty…

There is due diligence of the hoodlums, so fine worth in the hood. Need for the vigilance of gangsters, so let them form gangs. Unfair Rules that must be ignored, so bring forth the ignorant. Acknowledge the acts of the haters. Progress is made from the efforts of debaters.

Everything we need is present and accounted for and found in this sphere. If this is not so, then, why else are they on the playing field? Why are they here?

And if you do not think these strategies are in active play… then wherein The “F”antasy have you been!


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`Tera` The Game of Life