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"Nine of Mind And The Senses of Self"

1. See the "Sights" of progress internally and externally in retrospect of character and actions.
2. Hear the "Sounds" of reasoning within silent speech and expression.
3. Smell the "Odor" of deceit no matter how faintly discreet.
4. Taste the "Sweetness" of Success, toast the journey don't settle for less, yet of my judgment fairly assess.
5. Touch the "Hearts" of many within the subconsciousness, the place where the true heart resides.
6. Balance the "Dual" nature of all existence, (As above So below), (As Within, So Without).
7. Respect the "Momentum" of the physical within this time continuum in the relationship to progress: solid/liquid x energy = gas (ether).
8. Acknowledge the "Heat" of passion and the "Chill" of morbidity, as fire and ice combined is spirituality entwined.
9. Perceive the "Pain" and "Suffering" of the mind-self, and the body-self as it is reflective in the eyes, and results devised.

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`Nine of Mind And The Senses of Self`