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{fairies vs elves series}

There is no better enemy
than ones’ loving family and friends

For it is they who know all the ifs'
and where your troubles begin

No need to look outward
but to only look within
The company of those
that surprisingly come to mind

They who come around you
either often or all the time

They say they’ll support
and stand by You _ thick or thin

Truth is they’re only present _
to glorify your end
How else will they assure
you’ll see their smirky sideways grin

You’re prepared for your foes
to come from where __
who really knows?

You know only heaven can tell
what evils can compel

The force of ill-fate for you to partake
From their greed, jealousy, and hate

They’re astounded by your struggles
your turmoil, and your woes.

All the pleasure earned
and reaped by no better foes

Strange isn’t it that when you crawl
out from under your bed

No voices of cheers but sneers
and jeers heard in its’ stead

Ridicule and mockery
should haves and could haves ...

If I’d known better;
I surely would have _

Not confide
in most of those around me.

For the last thing, I need _
is a better enemy.


Copyright © Niyna DeSangre

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Better Enemy



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