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"Loves' Dissolute Games"

How is it that you touch me without hands from afar heating my soul and awakening the deepest depths of my being? Stirring my mind into lustful wonder, lifting me up, then pulling me under. Swaying me to and fro I close my eyes and bite my lip. I fight to sustain my poise of self-control. Thus of my honor to redeem.

Are you here, beside me, within me with your warmth, your strength? “Tis Nay! nothing but my dreams taunting and teasing me so. Curse this reality of dreadful meaning I whence!

With tightly clenched eyes refusing to open or to realize the truth_ not wanting to see _ I am trapped in my dreams. Laying in void dread of anticipation not able to bear the anguish of my frustration in silence I scream.

“There is no one else here, no one… only me”! Curse this wretched emptiness_ your fading voice whispering my name. No, no, no, not again I moan … holding on to the last, not allowing this moment to pass. To leave me once again anxiously alone and victimized by Loves' dissolute games.
***A weee long time ago!

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`Loves` Dissolute Games`