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"The Beginning of Men"

At the center of a turmoil-ed earth _ stood the last 4 men. None knew the tongue of the other whether thick or thin None knew the face of him or the soul that lurks within. None knew the lives of he, whomever, what or when. They only knew that “Here” is where this worlds at its' end.

Death, Destruction, and Despair were surmounting all about them. Bodies, Blood, and Beliefs fell at their feet from toe to brim. All was lost, all was grim _ for these last surviving men.

As they left up their heads on high in mortal fear and anguish. All 4 were bumped together to rid arrogant pride to vanquish.

As they raised their out-stretched arms to the heavens above the sky, each entangled another that it be he __ the last held before they die.

As they fell to the ground in humility and prayer. Buckled and bouncing their knees together of acuity, none seem to care. Soon their flesh fell away from their bones to be carried within the wind. Taking the sounds of One voice wailing back _ to the Beginning of Men ~~~w12102019

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`The Beginning of Men`