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The Wizened Warlock that Can't

A mystic battle ensued, one for the ages;
Both men of power, both of them sages.
Darius the demented, warlock of renown,
Versus Lorash the druid, who always wore brown.

Spells and counterspells flew thick through the air,
Darious summoned hellspawn even HE seldom did dare.
Lorash fought back with the forcxes of elemental wrath,
Earthquakes and lightning, he even gave Darius a bath!

Huffing and puffing, Darius snarled at his foe,
"I'll slay thee yet, an' send thy soul down below!"
Yet the words planted a seed, in the druid's fertile mind,
Through nature's own might, his foe he would bind.

His magic became subtle, less spectacular and bold,
Darius cackled in delight, as the druid's fate he foretold.
"Your mortal form shall be dragged through torments undreamed!"
The warlock had triumphed...or so it then seemed.

Yet Darius felt his limbs grow wooden, hard to control,
Even as hellspawn swarmed o'er Lorash,he achieved his goal.
The warlock became rooted, changing from person to plant,
Fore'er more known as the Wizened Warlock that can't!

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The Wizened Warlock that Can`t