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"Mi Bano Bonita"

It's wonderful to look upon me,
exactly at the moment of my entry.
Stepping into the light to decide my fate _
Thinking of which bold move do I make.

Hmmm, Shall washing my face be of my first choice;
Then brush and gargle to freshen my breath and voice.

Or need I seat upon the fair thinking chair?
Cleanse the body spray freshener into the air.
Be mindful of the plight of the toilet brush.
Periodically reaching back to courtesy flush.

I could partake of that appealing waterfall.
With the adjustable faucet for short or tall.

Yawning loudly and extending my arms, yet not touch the shower tree.
No, it can't be climbed, it's just something to look at, something to see.

Mi Ban~o is designed not with a standard matching set.
Only of random bits and pieces of the best, we could get.
Twirling in the opened space atop my throw rug.
Appreciatively loving life_ arms folded in a hug.


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`Mi Bano Bonita`