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The Union of One

As within our hearts the world doth love.
The best to sore O radiant skies above.
Take our hands and lead us high.
Onward on thy wings, we fly.
Closer to thee _ draw us nigh.

Wash our souls clean as doves.
O Ye King and Master of Love.

Join our heart's rhythmic beat.
Thunderous resounds of thy meek.
Multitudes of flock and fleet.
Stretch across thy horizons' light.
Stars to lead throughout the night.

"O Faith embrace us tightly gloved.
O Ye King and Master of Love.

We fold unto thee bend of knee.
Our lives exposed for all to see.
Of no sorrows, and No regrets.
Brand New lives to beget.
Unworthy habits to forget.

No shame in us or likes thereof.
O Ye King and Master of Love.


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The Union of One