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We the People

We are the people of the past and the present that you have failed to represent.
We freeze in fear of the current fate of our vitality and of our future fertility
We are those that pay the pipers price for policies of protection.

We do not take lightly the heat of hatred nor the will to wage war. We only stand brave to bear the burden thereby you boldly boast. We laugh not into the plight of peril or our unwarranted demise. We do not fight for foolish follies made by our own doing. We are only humble servants of the eccentric and the uncontrolled extreme.

We are forced to march onward in the manner mandated by madness. We pray profusely that we perish in a peaceful proclamation. We cry the treacherous tears of treason that stain the sheets of our salvation.

We know not where the truth ends nor where the lies begin. We only remember the written hopes and dreams of our bygone “Noble” men.

We the People, We the People, We the People.

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We the People