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Selfish Love

Selfish is my love even though it is spread abroad to reveal itself within the works of my hands in support of others. For I desire the reward of it.

Selfish are my vows which ye call prayers which are said in the purest language form unbeknown to man; at a time within its' own. Thus not to be witnessed by any mortal ears. For the sacred privacy thereof, I do adore and cherish it.

Selfish is the sincerity of my heart that will not permit me to be judged or misjudged as righteous, or unrighteous. For the fact is I am closer to the ALMIGHTY as I am truly devoted to the thought of it.

Selfishly we stand alone together as living beings. We share the common knowledge of our differences; but, we are solemn in our splendor and our sorrows even as we join hands and bow-heads. Know that mine light shines the brightest. For I insist that my glory be seen and recognized, and I can attest to it.

Selfish is the beauty of our polarities wherein make us the same. Clearly, I am better because I must be. For I hold myself to higher standards. The ALMIGHTY deserves specifically the best that only I can offer. For my soul depends on it

Thinkth as a man and be mortal. Expound as the divine and sit amongst kings.


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Selfish Love