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On The Seventh Day

To rest.
To rest me.
To rest you.
To rest my I.
To rest my eyes.
To rest my beliefs.
To rest my opinions.
To rest my judgments.
To rest my expectations.
To rest my idea of prayer.
To rest my weak innocence.
To rest my needs and my wants.
To rest my obligations to all others.
To rest my speech of all words spoken.
To rest my case in the light of my living.
To rest my worries and all my anticipations.
To rest the heat of my affections and my anger.
To rest my-song of my compliments and complaints.
To rest my hearing of all words read, seen, and heard.
To rest my mobility to do anything at all towards everything.
To rest my-breath of my existence unto the fold of non-existence.
To rest my importance because only all other things in life are vital.
To rest my anxiety to control others in my life, permitting them to be free.
To rest each day as if the seventh day. To yield my soul and to my heart be true.

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On The Seventh Day