Salih Abdur Ra'uf

I noticed this young man way back nearly fifty years ago, he would become a good friend but at that time I didn't know,

He was steadfast upon the straight path humble before his Lord, His conduct was impeccable his behavior always above board,

He was thoughtful, truthful, virtuous, compassionate, kind and caring,

Salih Abdur-Ra'uf was always seeking knowledge, teaching and sharing...

Brother Salih was a salaat lover, a loyal brother to a brother. Through his example he exemplified the doing of good,

He would do whatever he could to foster brotherhood. He cried when I informed him that my first born son had died.

He didn't hesitate for a second when I asked if he would preside and lead the janazah prayer.

For himself our beloved can no longer care. We have been told our Lord will take back that which he alone owns.

Allah will judge after resurrecting our bones. He is the Most just of judges, completely and supremely fair

And now for our  brother Salih it is he for whom we must now care.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Salih Abdur Ra`uf