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Every woman in the room


Every woman in the room knew the song,

And knew too, what lay beneath the lyrics,

Lyrics so powerful, so meaningful, so

Intimate, and thus so individually personal

As to be capable of turning back the clock,

When suddenly ribbons disappeared into

Purses, heads shook time aside, and tresses

Fell, whilst skirts wriggled their way a little

Higher than earlier in the evening.


A song, so like a mirror, reflecting the past,

And welcoming the hearts that dwell therein.

Memories stirred and rekindled, old loves

Remembered, nights too, long nights, long

Loves, long into the next day and beyond. All

On the back of a song, wherein youth persists

And all is possible and easily recaptured if the

Will be there.


And the will was there, for every woman in

The room sparkled anew, with a new found

Confidence borne on the wings of love, a

Love of life and a love of being loved in the

Arms of a song, a song that meant so much,

And delivered more than any girl could ever

Hope for. Je Vais T’aimer, 'I will love you', and

Every woman in the room whispered,

Oh, yes he did.’

© Joseph G Dawson