Last Conversation

Their mother named her twin sons Wilbert and Willie.

My mother called her husband's twin Wilbert and my dad she called him Will.

His work friends called him the Hammer or Big Bill.

They would always say little Bill, "boy you look just like your daddy and bet you'll big just as big."

By age 21 their prophetic words seem to have been fulfilled.

December 24th, 1970 dad and I had a long revealing talk. About god, religion and the paths people choose to walk.

He told me of an older brother that I didn't know I had. Afterwards, I left the crib headed for my pad.

That was the last conversation that we ever actually had.

In the early morning hours of December 25th he awakened but could'nt move nor speak.

My mother sent my roadie to bring me to Abi's side.

I washed and dress him and together in an ambulance we took what would be somewhat of our final ride.

For the next 36 days he fought against death until he got tired. On the 37th day at the age of 56 he expired.

Although Big Bill is no longer here it doesn't seem that he really died.

When I look in the mirror it's like I'm staring at myself through his big brown eyes.

Fruit doesn't fall from the tree and when I look at his photo I see me.

Same build, same height and same eyes and just like him little Bill will one day die.

Through prayer, the doing of good deeds the paradise we may earn.

From Allah we come and unto him will be our return.

Habib Abu Lateef

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Last Conversation