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If  (A Burlesque sing-along)

If I make a wrong
and you make a wrong
two wrongs make things worse.

If he makes a wrong
and She makes a wrong
we make these wrongs a curse.

If I give a hoot
and you give a hoot
our horns we both can toot.

If he gives a hoot
and she gives a hoot
we'll give careless the boot.

If I say a word
and you say a word
we both can now be heard

If he says and word
and she says a word
fingers won't shoot the bird

If I lend a hand
and you lend a hand
we'll reach across the land

If he lends a hand
and she lends a hand
we'll help our fellow-man.

If I'm in a fight
and you're in a fight
more anger we may incite

If he's in a fight
and she's in a fight
more hatred we ignite.
(last two lines repeated)

Part II

If I plant a tree,
and you plant a tree
How lovely that would be.

If he plants a tree
and she plants a tree
It'll be great for eternity

If I throw my trash
and you throw your trash
in the place that it should be.

If he throws his trash
and she throws her trash
It'll be clean as far as we can see.

If I make a friend
and you make a friend
New relationships begin.

If he makes a friend
and she makes a friend
There' no battles we can't win.

If I fall ill
and you fall ill
we both should take a pill

If he falls ill
and she falls ill
we all must share the bill.

If I sing this song
and you sing this song
and we sing it all night long.

If he sings this song
and she sings this song
we'll make our voices strong.
(last two lines repeated at will)

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If (A Burlesque sing-along)