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February 11, 2012 / Today The Storm...

today as I sat at my third floor perch
I spied
a red-capped bird flitting by
the sky newly white-washed
as little spirals sprouted from
the corners of the roof
and growling winds lifted him high

and in the grey distance
in the swirling air
the dark-winged crowds of crows
gathered within
the spaces in between the Sitka spruce
as a shadowed afternoon
became  an early night

so urgent was their need
to find shelter from
the glowering gaining clouds
and the dimly-lowering sky
I felt compelled to speak
to them in my heart
I heard in my head their
anxious needful cries

do I know
how safe haven
the need for shelter
consumed their inner peace
and how hurriedly the black ribbons
of crows sped
with others trailing exhausted
up from
so far behind

fierce was the persistence
of the red-capped tiny bird
who sought the feeders
from every hallowed tier
of human Babylon--
(bridged sanctuaries stacked five-stories high)

the wind did its best to knock
the humming bird off
of the shuddering
Hoppa Crab apple trees
I saw him shiver
struggling to reinsert
himself in his place and
what fierce courage he had found
as again the wind
tugged at his grip
doing its best to set him
tumbling into unknown space

only yesterday
I felt the caress of hope
the coo and bliss of
tender zephyrs touching my sun-browned face
and the sweet anticipation
the advent of a season of relief
yet now Mother Nature's
has lost her grip too
on this saving grace...

the time that had been Spring
was delayed for all us living things
and the time for surviving
again announced itself--
looking below I saw
the still-patient budded trees

how they
mourned their rampant thirst
finding their feet frozen
into the white ground...
wearing new mantles of frosted white
and shrouded far too close
to the sleeping ground.

(written directly to the page, will come back and edit for clarity)

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