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 A Song of Jesus

Come,Come the love of Jesus
For He fills our thirst
Come,Come Holy Spirit
till your overflowing bursts


Come the river is flowing
The redeemed says so
The blood of Jesus
makes us white as snow

Come for the power and love of Jesus
has set us free
Come the river is flowing
Of life abundantly


Come sweet Jesus
For many a road we've trodden
Come says Jesus for with you i have rodden
Jesus does proclaim the victory
As He rides with His angels and shouts
satan is history!


Now He has opened the door
Making a way for the broken and the lame and poor
His coming in the clouds for all of us to see!!
Shouting dear Jesus ,Jehovah has come for me!
His power love and kindness has us overcome all the day!
So shout a praise of victory for Christ has paved the way!


By the Holy Spirit and Michelle Lee Carter xoxox copywrite

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