Tattoos in Mayberry

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My girflriend of almost 20 years, last night
finallly understood why she is an actual, true blue, through and through, bonafide.
See, I am a jew. We have 6000 years of
not giving a sucker an even break.
Not trusting anyone except ourselves.
Remaining neutral,
Not getting involved
until the perfect moment to jump in
and raise Cain..
.We even built our home city on the crosshairs of
other spinoff, and opposing, religions, our ancestral lands 
Israel is positioned directly on the superhighways of 
countless warring tribes.
Geopolitially, on the cloverleaf  of the middle east freeway
That's a tough piece of property to defend,
requiring an equally tough bunch of monkeys
I am not a practitioner of the religion
I understand well enough
the secret handshake
and some of the questions
and the piercingly penetrating
 Vulcaneque mind meld
of the Jewish Stare.
.I have an interest as a Hebrew,, in what I don't know.
I much prefer the pageantry, and mysticism of Catholic services with 
incense, guitars. maybe a drum or a harp. 
or the enthusiasm, and faith of pentecostal or southern baptist. with the singing and dancing
The spritual revivals soothe and calm, as well as delight and, inspire
Jewish servies, to me are as stimulating as slow dancing with your 5 year old sister
Yet, you have to pay dues of some thousands of dollars a year.
It's about politics, money status, blood lines and support flooding into
the Superhighway that's the Jewish Homeland,.
and .
That's pretty much it.
Put it this way, you won't see a Rabbi holding services
on the entertainment channels any time soon.
The ratings  would fall through the basement.
Conversions, of Jewish children would take place at a record pace..
Hey, look, nothing against the rituals or cloak of secrecy
around any religion...
Like any religious group they can be  head strong, 
and this stubborness makes some of us hard to get along with, downright jerks  
My dad was a jerk.
But, he was my jerk and I loved him anyway..
He didn't care who knew about him being a jerk. 
He yelled at his co-workers, who he treated as subordinates.

He regularly, and with vigor,
hit on my girflriends,
and casually insulted, and razzed me and made fun of my friends
It's a piece of what goes along with freedom.
His indivdualism was his calling card..
Being his son was a hard act to follow
Being born into this culture,the culture of the,, Jews, Israel.
has  allowed me to make my own mistakes.
i made some grevious errors.
Dad never bailed me out of trouble.
He kept me sharp by trying to cheat me.
I learned on my own how to drive a stick shift. On a volkswagen bug
I ground gears for a few days until I figured it
out on my own.,
I didn't care so much  to make friends and influence people.
But, to laser focus on my talents and abilities to gain an edge.
Through example, I was shown by my dad to be myself
Not everyone is going to like you or your methods,
but so what, you can't please everyone.
Keep persevering.
let it all hang out
Jump in there and get weird, if you must,
when the going gets tough.
Create your own story,
write your own resume..
Don't ever work,
just to make money.
Don't  completely trust anyone but yourself.
Don't borrow money.
If you think you can get away with it, steal
but if you do steal,, make off with the vault.
Do as I say, not as I do, such as
Keep it zipped in your pants...
A piece of advice, dad didn't always follow.
As a player's apprentice,
He kept me on my toes.
And, didn't mind if I hated him
in order to teach me an important life lesson
I have to thank him, in part, 
for being who, what and where I am today.
I have a God given right to be here
some purpose, of which, 
hasn't been made completely clear to me yet.
I write this in the brief
in the brief time I am here. 
With all my glaring flaws and
social impediments,
God has granted me talents to land on my feet
I can .supplement the teachings I've absorbed
6000 years waiting for an AWOL messiah.
Perhaps, no Jew wants to show up now, and follow..
It's left that way on purpose. We are incomplete.
We are not to be completed
or completely absolved by anyone.. .
We are best when we are wandering, as the lost children of Israel.
Self banished. in the desert.
as God's forgotten sons and daughters
Forget us, don't pester us, leave us alone,
but don't forsake us.

Jews have survived and will survive.
We are God's chosen.
A covenant no Jew cares to sever.

But, I wonder sometimes while
nestled in my bed
now in my quieter 
in the land of the Lakota and the Salish,
and Peigani,
and Anishanabe  in the heartland of North America, far from Jerusalem,
Vatican City or Mecca 
under these big bold Native American skies
in the mountains and the prairies of
The naguals, the pagan ancient, mystics,
if it wouldn't serve me better to
pray to the Indian God. above.
 Hey yah way yah
Ha Ha
Hey Yah Way Yah
Ha Ha
and, so I do, and
then I see billowing clouds,beginning to form,  
as the wind begins to howl ..
and I am in silent reverence, as a 
sudden chill goes through me
the miraculous history of this place..
I finish my simple Indian prayer, that's it,
Shey Hoy.
 I shut my screen door.
and await the cleansing rain.


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