Suit of Pitch

Your life of arrogance and disbelief
Prohibits any reprieve or relief
In your previous life you
Frequently boasted of being rich
Now, you've been flung into this abysmal ditch
You regret not having lived righteously as the Prophets told
See now, if your richess can free
Your wretched dispicable soul
From this flaming hole
Your final abode
Land quakes soil shakes
Fiery lava escapes
Gaseous formations form
Obliviating the norm
Black sulfuric plumes rise,
Looms then consumes
Thunderous claps loudly abound
As acidic condensation pours down
Raining, burning, paining
Nothing alive remains,
Except far off faint echos
From those souls in woe and pain
Atmosphere like a kilm or kettle
Melting minerals into puddles
And pools of liquid metal
Not even a creature born of a smokeless fire could endure
This hellish ditch in suits of firey pitch
But of pain there will be more
This is your life eternal
No death no escape
Indeed Rasullulah spoke the truth
You are now the eternal living proof

Habib Abu Lateef

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Suit of Pitch