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The wind blows through my hair, swirling around my ears
it's as though the wind is whispering to me...fear not, 
even when in the company of the many who have forgot.
For I AM the way and the light. open your eyes come out 
of the dark I AM calling upon you to be a spark. 
Listen closely, but first you must temper your thoughts.
Fear has become liken to a rabid dog biting whatever comes 
close, spreading insanity like a toxic infectious disease
Be still and know I AM, allow me to run through your veins.
Release the words of man and inner beast for love to sustain.
I AM today, yesterday and every day that still has yet to come. 
Have all thee bowed down before a new God and a loveless one 
at that? The hate, Division and Better than thou leading this 
bleak parade. So be it, as each makes a choice. Weeds (fear)
in the garden have become over grown trying to kill loves voice.
My poor children deceived by their own shadow. it is not I, the 
I AM that has forsaken you. nay, It is none other than yourself's
So put away your pointing fingers, stop force feeding others. for
all will stand before their maker naked and alone, reviewing all
that's been sown. harm to others known, in the end all will know 
                                  who I AM

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