By age eighteen I had become a Sargent. Returned from war by age nineteen. A civilian two months after my twentieth birthday.

It's been over fifty years since I enlisted In the Jundallah. And I thank Allah for the blessing. Prior to Islam I was in an army of a different sort.

As a trainee soldier in an army of disbelief I earned stripes and medals and my rank and status as a soldier began to increase.

In the grave like souls will be greeted, reunited and will mingle with former friends relishing the good state they find themselves in.

Oh Allah make and keep me soldiering on the straight way so I may one day, once again, be greeted by those that soldierd in your way.

Let me hear the greeting from those you have blessed in gardens of bliss and happiness; my son, my Muslim mother, my elders, brothers and teachers.

Jameel Bashiradeen Kareem, Lateef Ali Babatunde, Iman Nafi, Khalil Abdul-Hadi, Muhammad Aslam, Ishmael Al-Faruqi, Hasan Ghanistani, Shaykh Muhammad Ali Hasan, Jameel Abdus-Shaheed, Ali Abdul-Aziz, Asim Faruq Abdullah, Salih Abdur Ra'uf, Zayd Abdus-Sabur and so many more.


Habib Abu Lateef

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