Take a moment to ponder this short fleeting life, this trial, this test, your seemingly overwhelming loss

It comes to you at such a weighty cost. This death of your loved one is the manifestation of your Lord's decree.

Accept it

Only the Creator gives life and only He can take it away. He is free to take back what he has given

He made you capable of experiencing a broad range of emotions including disdain and love

Death is the portal to eternity. Calm down and ponder this supreme reality

No one can escape the decree of the ONE above. Every created entity will taste death. No one is above nor exempt

Yes, oh compassionate servant, it is natural to grieve but we must all eventually accept the reality that we can not change that which has been pre-ordained

Wipe away your tears of earthly loss this earthly sojourn is just a trial, a place of testing, a phase

Once created no soul ever dies it returns to our Creator retained until reassigned to it's next stage

The human body, a vessel barrowed and molded from earthen clay returns to the earth from which it came.

The Resurrection and Judgement is the next phase of life. Once Allah grants life, it does not end

So living souls stay busy earning good for soon we will follow our parents, offspring and friends

We must earn all the good that we can while we can. Do not waste the short balance of your time grieving, utilize it believing

Our position in the next phase is not guaranteed to be better.

Our Lord in Oft Forgiving and Most Merciful but he does not forgive associating partners to Him.

He is One, without parents, partners nor peers. He has no son, no daughter. He's indescribable and undeniable

So, pray, be charitable, abstaining from the wrong obeying all that is right. And a better place can be had after this earthly death


Abu Lateef Babatunde

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