Grandpa Teacher



Ever thrashing against the shore,
The mighty ocean
The mighty Sea
Ole man river keeps moving

Until the day that it is given the command to stop

A grandfather instructing a young one how to sail and fish

Teaching survival skills that will one day help him as a grown man to fill a dish

Feed himself, feed his family and community

A valuable lesson in patience, good things come to those who wait

A good time spent together as the old and young relate.

The old values are intilled into his young grandchilds mind

Definitely something that will be of benefit at a future time

Grandpa uses this opportunity to stimulate his grandchild's mind, with stories of wonder and adventures back in another time 

He ask his young companion to think about what may be on the oceans floor

They chat a bit but think for hours about the sea, sky, stars, moon and entertain many other notions as they fish, chat, joke and play

About the oceans perpetual motion and what lies upon it's floor

Perhaps the remains of an old salt who sails the seven seas no more

They talk of rain, snow and hail.  They discuss Prophet Noah and his sons and Prophet Jonah and the whale 

Grandpa is rather adept at listening, teaching with his narratives and tales stimulating thought

Both admiring that one big fish that they caught

Perhaps it is littered by the carcasses of wrecked vessels from long ago sunken ships

Or the skeletal remains of enslavers that had once cracked the whip

Their cadáveres thrown  overboard by mutinous cargo...  midtrip 

Thoughts of merchant ships and pirates off the Barbary Coast

Tunisia, Tripoli and the Mediterranean and the lives that were lost

Discussing the participants of sea and land battles of which the victors would boast

Pondering about nautical dead, deep in ships with decaying hulls

Treasure chest filled with ducats, doubloon, jewels yet still  unfound

Digressing about on the way back about making a stop to purchase a black Gi from the new store in the mall

Making dua thanking Allah for the one fish caught today and the even bigger one that got away

Thanking Allah for the opportunity for us to connect this way

Providing us with enough to fill our plates today

All praise is due to the Creator that fashions and sustains the air and sea with fish and foul

And the animals that we ride, milk eat like the chicken, sheep and the cow

That provide us with leather and wool to cover our nakedness and protect our feet from the ground

The plants that provide us with the material to make garments and thred

As well as the type of ceremonial garments in which we perform the Hajj and bury our dead

Allah is the provider for all His creation the one who sustains. The one who created the sky and clouds then sent down the rain

Without Allah there would be no water, no life, no man, no child, no husband, no wife

All praise is due to Allah
Creator of the Atom
Master of Judgement day.

The One that revealed the Book
Then set us upon the Straight Way

There is no God but He
Therefore to He
We must be

There is no power nor strength except by Allah.

Man is not God and
God is not a man.
He has no son nor parents

He is One,
Indivisible without partner nor peer.
God is God. There is no God but God


Habib Abu Lateef

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Grandpa Teacher