Silent Hush...

Such beauty that falls from the heavens tonight like downy feathers from on high.

Falling from angels wings gently blanketing the earth in whispered breaths of a sigh.

A silent hush befalls the lil' country hollow where emerald pines they grace.

And snow capped streams flow endlessly with ice crystals that weave and lace.

Winters breath so frigid and cold howls outside the lil' country cabin of log.

And inside by the grand stone fireplace sleeping the old hound dog.

As I look out through frosted window pane at my heavenly winter wonderland on display.

It's as if through the silence you can hear the angels sing and on their harps they play.

Such peace my country heart finds within the downy snow so virgin white.

A serenity that only God above can know placed within my soul this very night.

Copyright Mary Hoose | Year Posted 2017

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Silent Hush...

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