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You! your own image of gratification

living in the garden of your making, your

intuition always alerting you what is right

to carry upon your shoulders of your rightful



You! Loving yourself the best you know what

it's all about, learning, listening, feeling, collecting

energy from your source way down deep.


You! Born alone, growing, creating a life of

endurance and guidelines from mathematical



You! You're golden from the day of your birth

now you're wise from the years you have lived

ready to help others who have not yet achieved

levels visible to the human mind developed without

inner growth.


You! The mastermind of your Universe, controller

of fiction and logic, artist of beauty in the eve

of all possibilities.


You! Power of all creativity accomplished by your

own integrity and identity.


You! Are who you have always been from the start

pure energy, finding answers to where it all started

from and where we were all one.


(You! Unique in every way)



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