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  Harry Sweeden

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Brought back to reality too often to mention
I have seen so many dreams destroyed
Buildings still crumbling holding their cargo
Lives discounted as noise.
Bombs still exploding indiscriminately killing
Another child's toy bursts into flames
Limbs with no bodies scattered like broken trees
Yet loved ones knew each one by name.
“Governments condemn in the strongest of terms
Sanctions are imposed and upheld…”
But those really in charge are never accountable
for all the lives their bombing had felled.
It is always “the other side” that causes the pain
Everyone just protecting their rights..?
But what of the rights of every born child…
being bombed out of bed in the night!
“The rights of Man” once penned into law
Speaks only of the rights of the few…
Those with the power and wealth of a nation
Our fate will be the way that they choose!
Reality in truth is we are destined to fail
As slaves will always rebel…
As injustice pursues for the wealth of another
Reality is just a pathway into hell.

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