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The Nanny

The story opens in a park on one fine summer's day. a Nanny dressed in black and white, a baby fast asleep, and baby carriage grey. The Nanny circled round the pond two times to avoid the torrid heat, found a small shaded spot and a bench on which she took a seat. Long silence ended with a sound of steps but moving very slow, the Nanny knew they came from someone old with such a shortened tow. And soon an elderly man well dressed appeared and both exchanged hellows, but Nanny noticed something strange that made his walk so slow. The laces on his clean white shoes were blowing in the air and that he could'nt tie them up was just a guess but fair. The Nanny offered him a seat next her and as soon as he was settled fell quickly down upon her knees and began tying up the laces. When she was through he thanked her twice and told her that for many years he hadn't met someone so nice. They chatted lively of their lives for almost one full hour, exchanged contacts and the full names but then began a shower. So both of them said sad goodbyes and went their separate ways but it was clear to both of them the memory of that meeting would linger all their days. Five years rushed by with no contact by either of the two, but memories of that day with both of them stayed true. And then on one warm summer's day the Nanny in the morning post received a speci

al package that would change her life forever and make the memory of that day impossible to sever. Inside the package was the sad day's news, the passing of her friend and a lawyer's note advising her of her friend's high praise of her until his very end. And also in the package was a legal Lifetime Trust for quite a large amount, already set up for her in her own bank's account. The story's end is like its start with words that may like happy endings stir your heart. For if someday you take a stroll and pass that hallowed place, you may be chance see Nanny sitting there, a warm smile on her face. And in her soft and weathered hands quite still with natural graces, you will also see two worn out tied shoe laces.

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The Nanny