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A new world?
I hold a world yet to be born
It contains all the dreams and
desires unrealized and unknown
Take my hand and do not forsake
for surely I say to you all of our lives
are at stake, we must not hesitate
the time is ripe, the time is now.
Open your eyes and you'll see
the course of our action is right.
It is for the world's children of today
and the children's future in our
tomorrows still yet to become.
Look around you, what do you see?
One can't deny so many of our citizens
are homeless it's so hard to believe.
And the President's solutions? blame
our own fossil fuel for the cause of our
pollution. just so the rich get richer?
What's wrong with this picture? If this
continues for four more years. Say hello
to living out all our unthinkable fears.
Welcome to America, the once land of
the free and opportunity, They destroyed
our hopes and dreams to feed their greed.
Cancel Culture slithered into our companies
and universities after they sold them to the
CDC, regardless of its crimes against humanity
We are the world's last hope. Knowing all too
well the fate we unknowingly chose., but we the
people stripped their power right off their noes,
And we all started singing, God bless America
our home and land of the free. We rose and took
back our country now there's enough for you and me.

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