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Goodbye, Aunt Ann

Dear Aunt Ann, how I hate to see you go,
Every one of us is going to miss you so;
You used to make me bend over in half,
Whenever I heard your wild, funny laugh;

When I was a kid Id run like a deer,
If I heard someone shout, "Aunt Ann is here!"
You'd knock on the door and we'd jump like a shot,
We knew you'd brought us a lollipop;

We'd be so happy our temps would rise,
When we'd see the sparkle in your eyes;
The prettiest woman we'd ever seen,
You could outshine any fairy-tale queen!

Sometimes when I was feeling all alone,
I'd hear a ring and you'd be on the phone;
This system will soon be coming to an end,
Jehovah's kingdom all things will mend;

Problems and tragedies so abundantly amassed,
Will become hazy memories of the distant past;
Some of us will most surely make it through,
And live joyfully in paradise forever with you!

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Goodbye, Aunt Ann