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Born into darkness.
Earth signs.
Terra firma children
Not of the Sea or air.
Emerald prince and princesses of dirt.
Anointed by subterranean marsh priests
and priestesses.
Flourishing in underworlds of decay.
Grand Dukes and Duchesses of  seed, stench.
and rot.
,Mineral rich arches, feeds capillaries.
 transporting dynastic networks of compost monuments

Earthen domed palaces, subterrainean pyramids
Ensconsed in mud from mulch 
roots forming walls and barrier moats. 
Serving Honor Guards of dirt.
Born into  sandswept darkness
Buried above,bedrock deep into quicksand  sarqcophagi,  
Tunneling diligently through, sludge, muck, and clay,
Holding court in
A universe  seeped in slag. , 
relaying sullied stories of ancient oral lessons,..
Hazy questions never answered,by worm kings
eternal and gnawing questions, making  worm families,
clutch, toss and wiggle restlessly, all night .
An underworld domain
somewhere between moonlight and shadow...
Twisting,  squirming
digging, probing hell deep,
bubble and squeak 
flowing under boiling hot, geiser springs
beneath gauntlets of scalding steam
in skin suits
netherworld valleys
 baptized by magma.
Slidling, slithering 
to the inner sanctum
of absolute bottom.

Worm palace for a King 
 Cavernous Mazes 
leading to bubbling, murky, passage ways..,
Worm brides dance
under permafrost 
making, melted butter,
 malange wishes.,
telling of
a tall, and perilous tale,of  .
deep rooted squatters rights..
with permanent, ongoing easements to dig
deeper  into the blind darkness..
A High Minister of soil makers has decreed 
Virgin ground must be perpetually tilled,,
fertilized,renewed, through annexation
 Constant sifting and upliffting
parcel and section
of  unmolested top soil.
Until the end of times,
as the holy books have predicted 
where suffocating rain and sea water surges forth.
with the next great spring flooding rain,
inundating, and drowning  the diligent, and faithful
As the Worm King commences sacred, last rites. 
He falls into a malange tinted trance,
gyrating, undulating, lurching, twitching,
Beconing to his Great Earth Worm God to  be merciful 
with an honorable death by.drowning in high waters
devoured swiftly by flying monsters,,
or flattened quickly by bikes, shoes,and cars.

Buddy Bee Anthony
ALL editing and publishing rights rights reserved ' as is' by this author

Re-Edited 03/28//2024 @ 8:40 PM Pacific Time

Earthen Underworld



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