Tattoos in Mayberry

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I know a woman who knows what she knows.
Don't even try changing her mind.
She'll only tell you what you need to know
before dumping you off at the shop and go.
I know a woman who knows what she knows
don't waste you time trying to change her mind.
With a pouty mouth that'll fry up your bacon.
She'll agree with you then say you're mistaken.
She'll cry mis-deal, how your deck was stacked.
Don't get in too deep with this alley cat..
She'll get you convicted of a capitol crime
Pin it in blood onto your body and mind..
You're her headless horseman
Wearing a hat..,
At point blank range
she's the sharp shooter at your
shotgun wedding,  rat a tat splat.
She'll casually whip a rock right for your head.
For something she heard or thought you said..
Her aim is true
a path you can't avert.
that's you.,
you know damn well 
it's gonna hurt.
Her brand of crazy's not taught in school.
Not a glimmer of hope in her baby blues.
Fat chance for something greater between her and you..
Just when you think you're her Superman
You make your move to the head of her class
Only to realize your kryptonite
is her rippling ass.
Her lips drip blood
from the hunt of a thousand warring tribes
Her people undefeated, she'll only surrender.
after an endless knock down, dragged out fight.
It's assured you won't be the first
nor last to try to win her favor
Accepting her terms on burning paper.
Baring your soul
til your lips turn blue  
She''ll sigh 
nodding in agreement 
saying what you feel
may very well be true
as your wheels she grinds
as she once again
changes her mind. .

Buddy Bee Anthony

All editing and publishing rights reserved as is by this author

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Your Wheels She Grinds