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Cute Lizzie Bee

When I was a girl I wanted to be a cutey,

But I was skinny with a little flat chest!

Guys used to notice that my mother was a beauty,

My two pretty sisters were the neighborhood's best;

I used to drink Slim-Fast, run track, do anything,

Eat pizza, pasta, potatoes anything on a plate;

Do Jiu Jitsu, Tai Kwando, wrestle on a mat, box in a ring,

I'd do everything I thought to put on weight;

One day I was walking along and got my feelings hurt,

A group of guys on the corner really looked a mess;

I drew nearer and one acted like he wanted to flirt;

"Hey, Babe, you gotta coupla strings hangin' from your dress."

"Thanks," I said, and reached down to pull the strings off,

"Never mind, just your legs!" he said with a nasty snort.

His buddies laughed real loud and I started to cough;

I didn't cry, but I'd never felt humiliation of that sort.

That cured me from ever trying to be cute again,

If I look like a cross-eyed fool it wont't matter to me;

I've never tried to impress anybody since then,

But never again will a stupid man embarrass Lizzie Bee!

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Cute Lizzie Bee