Tattoos in Mayberry

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had a secret.
She loathed all the meaninglless chatter,
and giggling,
the glittering makeup
the men ramming their horny helmets together
like rutting goats
Sure, she would smile politely to
girls doing the splits on the cheer leading squad,
coloring , teasing,straightening, and curling their hair
twisting and pasting their skull sculptures, into the oddest of shapes,
It's Medusa the snake.
Amanda never got over being upset
her man's man of a father and her agreeable mother
had plans to welcome a son. who'd grow into a man.
But, when she was born,
Her parents looked perplexed at one ahother and sort of said
'Duh' this is no boy, they scoffed. 
as they tried cutting it,
 or shaving it down there, but there was
nothing to shave or trim off..
They leafed  through names in mornful bereavement
within all manner of family histories 
The Mary Catherines, and Cynthia's
Rita's the Elizabeth's, Margaret's and Midge's. 
But, in their brisk haste,
  with their namesake laid to waste
they decided to take home a man
with a qualifier. Shape her into a merciless, ruthless,, teethy take no  prisoners,  she wolf.
Duly baptized, christened and consecrated in the holy church
To be sainted now and forever '

Amanda broke rules and sometimes took prisoners.
unaware they were hostages.
And one of ,many of them was named David.
He was a prosperous shoemaker.
He rejoiced at first
because whenever she's spend time with him,
he felt brand new..
Until he realized
she had run off with his storestore
and most of his,shoes.
She was someone to watch
A real jewel of a timepiece.
Everyone'd marvel how her tick tocker went to work.
when they'd assist as her distraction falling into the stacks
 she would blindly be robbing the clerks.
I knew not to get to close to
her fire.
For fear, I'd  get burned.

One day she met Alex.
An auto mechanic.
She thought here's another
a fresh catch.
She grabbed his face for a kiss
as she batted her eyes,
the fish started to fry
she fell hard as a brick for this loopy
Alex's mother had suggested he get help
to improve his social graces and position in life.
Amanda didn't want to make any improvements
So, she went to his doctor and sat higher and higher
up on his knee until she was kissing
him where the man and whispered in his ear sweetly
 he was her sweet daddy doc.
How much can a grown man,even a doctor take
until she sprung on him
her other mother's mistake.
pictures, extortion, and threat of blackmail
Her lawyer with her money green
threatened  if he didn't  promptly shutter his office.
they'd make a scene..
 Amanda  comforted her  perfectly flawed Alex
who was to get no more improvement.
He touched all her right spots
and crept into all the right places
filling her cup up with his heavenly graces.
Until, one day, he got a letter on New Year's Day,
saying his poor sweet mom was sick
do come home today.
 Amanda said, Alex you go ahead, I'll go on ahead 
of you by freight.
She shipped herself same day service
stuffed herself in a shipping crate.
She arrived to finish off mother before 
the hour got too late..
She mourned from a distance with a twinklin eye.
No beast of burden was going to steal her guy..
In her book, 
She and Alex were titans
alone and united.
And, while he was grieving
she could gather some cheese.
She had an interesting way of making fast money
It was bold it was loud it was brash.
She'd come to your house with cookies and hot dish
Go to bed with your son, your daughter or husband
run up their account
til all their time had run out.
Oh, Amanda she was a real man's man.
A cold thinking son of a son of a man.
Whatever there was packed in her drawers.
Alex loved her without keeping score
Until she pulled the lever on him
to the  trap door in her floor.
You couldn't trust Amanda
that was assured.
She'd put up too much resistance..
You could only
 love/ hate or admire this fire ball
from a  safe distance.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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She Loved Alex Quite Madly