Tattoos in Mayberry

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I can only write from  prolonged  experience.
How things have changed and how they've remained the same
Bacl in my day big surprise
, some teachers dated their students.
It wasn't child abuse,
but  mentorship  a cultish honorarium
confirming the passage into sexual adulthood.
an honor to be chosen by someone loving with a caring touch.
 a slower mature, tender hand, 
and for both, the delicious, convenience of proximity..
in my day, we fought for turf 
and  struggled mightily for status,
men fough over women and women faught amongst themselves and battled over men.
And sometimes there'd be a rumble.
Between two warring sides, or a few of us.
in order to settle what had to be settled
regarding property rights.
In my day,we played hard and we worked 
the script. planned our work to get to our plan
to celebrate our life and the lives of our friends.
grateful for the gifts we'd so generously been granted.
In my day
us boys who were boys
knew the men who were men
who were clever.
our best didn't retire in 45 years 
no they could never,
In my day there wasn't much uncertainty
where we fell on the status tree.
Lines weren't blurred  til we couldn't see
In my day, if a fast dance didn't do the trick
we'd write a  love poem give it to a girl
even if just for a hug or a kiss..
Then, hold her hand for a while, at a movie.
Promise her no more than this.
If you were uncertain you couldn't decide.
Maybe take anoter one for a ride.
 and maybe another and another.
Because there are so many flavors.
 to try.
It's no shame men have always had the scorecard.
Women, get pregnant.and had babies.
Men got their validation
from other boys and grown men.
For women,
you dropped little poopsy, and
oopsy you're in.
If you and your man have  a girl.
You both look again
  just to make sure
it's going to have every opportunity
to have the scorecard and
pop  a kid.
Your parents they just don't know
why they named their daughter  Amanda
After looking diligently,
there was nothing down there
but a hole.
Off your little  princess they shall go
to get an equal opportunity education
on a sports scholarship.
How much can we mess with nature's course
remove a zebras stripes.
and say it's a horse.
In  my day
I dont' recall so much identity confusion,
men were men and women were woman

we didn't have as many Amanda's
we had a lot of Sherry's and  Pam's
They were getting drunk high 
and loco crazy.
She'd forget you tomorrow
There's no forgetting yesterday's dance.
In my day, we'd try most anything once,
Entering at our own risk. 
We hit the bong,
did poppers even smoked crack...
Our exploits didn't define us
we made big money
movers and shakers
others were happier than a pig in slop
eeking out a living on a chicken ranch
It's time for this ever more annoying screed to come to an end. 
Because in my day
we knew how to put on a show 
how to stop, start  and go.
and how to read a book
, from it's cover to the end.

.Buddy Bee Anthony

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