Tattoos in Mayberry

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Hey there T.V. weather person/woman/man
You promised me warmth and sunshine
at the homecoming parade.
When we're 
 waterlogged , cold, wet, and drippin.' in the shade.
Your easy, clever banter betrays your face
Cloistered in some far away chalet
in your snow suit
just in case.
I can read between your crooked blue skies.
when you place us in a holding pattern
of lightening,
floods and mudslides.
One true weather fact you inspire 
is you are one chipper  bold faced liar..
Is part of the reason 
you apper to be drunk or stoned.
is your network has promised to
replace you
with  robotic drone.
T.V. Weather non-binary person, woman/ man
Soon you'll fall down from your crystal ball tower
Small comfort in this flooding
with a golf ball sized hail. shower.
I'd have to have my head deep in the clouds
to set my barometer
to your smiley faced

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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