Tattoos in Mayberry

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Hey there T.V. weather person/woman/man
You promised me warmth and sunshine
When we're 
 waterlogged , cold,wet, and drippin.' in the shade.
Your easy, clever banter betrays your face
Cloistered in some far away chalet
wearing your snow suit
just in case.
I can read between your crooked blue skies.
when there's thunder, lightening,
floods and landslides.
One true weather fact I can predict
is you can bold faced lie.
And, is it why on the air,
you appear drunk or stoned.
Because your network threatened to replace you
with a  robotic drone.
Soon you'll fall down from your crystal ball tower
Small comfort in this half inch, hail shower.
Weather woman/person/man.
I'm through believing your smiley faced sermon
in a can..

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Smiley-Faced Benediction.